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Sim Coaches

Full DIY "P1 Pro Hydraulic Cylinder" Kit

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A kit designed for DIY Sim Racers! This kit comes with everything you need to build your own hydraulic pedals at home. 

The value behind this kit is our LEAK-PROOF slave cylinder. Other big name slave cylinders on the market are known to leak. That's why we took it into our own hands to design a slave cylinder specifically for sim racing.


You can have confidence with this kit you won't run into any leaking issues. 

What's Included

1x Sim Coaches Slave Cylinder


1x Wilwood Master Cylinder


1x Hydraulic Pressure Sensor (500PSI Clutch, 1000PSI Brake)


1x Slave Cylinder Mount


1x Spring Kit (Brake or Clutch; Both stiff and soft supplied)


1x Adjustment Knob


1x Stainless Steel Braided Line


1x Pressure Sensor Harness


1x Slave Cylinder Hardware Included

Warranty Info

At Sim Coaches, we build our products to the highest quality possible. It's our full intentions to build the best equipment you're able to buy on the market. Part of building the best equipment comes with true confidence in our ability to do that. That's why we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on our products. If we didn't have this much trust in what we build, why would we offer such a thing?


You can have confidence in your purchase with us and feel good knowing your pedals are completely covered. To learn more about our "Drive It Like You Stole It" Lifetime Warranty, look for "Lifetime Warranty" on the footer of this site.