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Sim racers all over the world are tuning into the growing online motorsports community. What many don't know is the extreme advantages certain equipment has over others. One of those pieces being the pedals.

Pedals are largely regarded as the most important piece of your racing simulator. With a good set, you're guaranteed to out drive your competition driving on a lesser quality set. But, what actually is it that makes more expensive pedals such an advantage over the others you can choose from?

The hydraulic pedals are a step above the standard load cell pedals. The hydraulic system is much more responsive and gives you a better feel for the car. This means you can control your braking and acceleration in a much more realistic way, translating to better lap times on track.

You might be wondering where the difference comes from. For hydraulics, it's what we're able to compress on the shaft that allows for such a large discrepancy in feel. With our P1 Pro Cylinders attached, you're able to compress our belleville spring pack up to pressures of 1000PSI. This is a stark difference to the 20-100PSI you would feel on a load cell pedal.

This consistent applied pressure allows for you to build your muscle memory to a fine level where you'll feel confident you can drive the car up to the limit. This confidence translates to you driving smoother, and being faster. Once you feel the amount of control you'll have under your feet, changing back to a typical set will be one of the hardest things you'll do.

The hydraulic pedals are not only more realistic, they're built to last. The hydraulic system is much more durable than the typical load cell and will withstand the abuse of even the most hardcore sim racers. So, if you're looking for the most realistic pedal feel you're able to find, there's only one option available. Sim Coaches P1 Pro Pedals are the closest feeling you'll find to a direct 1:1 feeling.

With hydraulic pedals, you're guaranteed to have the best sim racing experience money can buy. There's no question why drivers all over the world are upgrading to fully hydraulic setups.


Do yourself a favor and make the switch - you won't regret it!

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