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If you're a SimRacer that wants to compete at the highest level, it's no question you need the best sim racing pedals you can get your hands on. Lately, a lot of new sets have been popping up on the market. We're going to talk about the 5 reasons you should look into Sim Coaches Sim Racing Pedals for your racing simulator if you're looking to upgrade.


Choosing the right set of sim racing pedals could be trivial. Especially with all the misinformation about sim racing pedals popping up online. Since we build load cell sim racing pedals and hydraulic sim pedals, we figured we could give you a good understanding of why you want to choose ours over the rest


Only Sim Racing pedals are built to last.

When building the pedals, we had a few options of what materials to use. Choosing different materials has a huge impact on how the products look and their long-term finish. We knew we wanted to build something racers could be used for 10 years+ so we decided on the best quality 6061 aluminum we could find.


Building our sim racing pedals out of 6061 billet aluminum gives the pedals the special finish they're known for and gives us the ability to machine anything we need on our CNC machines in-house.


This leaves you with a product that is going to look stunning for the next multiple years to come.


Hyper-Realistic Pedal Construction.

There's only one way to give racers the best feeling they can find under their feet. That's by replicating the systems found in cars to racing simulators. We use a hydraulic load cell in the brake with realistic travel and resistance. This gives drivers an insanely realistic feeling when braking compared to any other pedal on the market.


This realistic construction gives the only 1:1 feeling under your foot. The compression you get under your foot feels just like what you're used to in real life.


The result is a set of pedals that feel natural and give you the best feedback to help improve your racing.


Most Enjoyed Amongst Real Racers.

Drivers who race in real life usually have trouble racing on the simulator. It's because you're so used to the feeling of your real-life equipment that if it doesn't feel like that, you're not satisfied. The good news is, I was just like you. I used to hate using equipment if it didn't feel like the real thing.


My original sim racing pedals used potentiometers for all three pedals. That was a nightmare. It wasn't until I upgraded to load cell pedals that I started feeling like I was competing.


Then once I moved to hydraulics, I was hooked. It was the only way I could get the exact 1:1 feeling I could. Now, we have over 100+ real-life racers all over the world using our equipment. They're practicing for their races in their living room before they head out to the track. It's making a huge change in all of their careers.


100% American-Made Sim Racing Pedals

When you purchase from Sim Coaches you're supporting America. All our equipment is 100% designed, machined, and assembled here in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a huge benefit for North Americans because support is easy. We're able to service you to the highest level possible.


This allows us to create the highest-end equipment you'll be able to find in North America.


Lifetime Warranty on your Sim Racing Pedals

Sim Coaches is the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty with our products. Purchase knowing you're completely covered if something goes wrong. Your high-end sim gear is built to last and if for some odd reason it fails, we completely cover our products.


This is unmatched. Anywhere else if something happens to your high-end sim racing pedals, you'll be left trying to get them working again. Not here at Sim Coaches. We'll get your pedals and all other equipment working back to 100% the way they should.


Have confidence when you purchase sim racing pedals from Sim Coaches. We're the industry leader and know a thing or two about providing you with the best quality products you can find.


If you're looking for new sim racing pedals, you can learn more about our pedals at simcoaches.com


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