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Create Pedal Profiles For Your Sim Racing Pedals

Visor, Sim Coaches Pedal software to calibrate, and change output curves with

What is Visor?

Visor is Sim Coaches in house developed software for racers using our hardware. Visor gives drivers more control over their pedals by having the ability to change their output curves of each pedal. 

You can create a curve from scratch or use one of our preset graphs we created in house. You're given the full ability to change the way your pedals feel dynamically. 

What are the benefits to Visor?

When you're using Visor, you'll see your driving improve. Being able to change the output of the pedals allows you to match your driving to what the game is seeing. This is a big advantage for the racer that understands how to properly use it. 

Ex. A driver that's timid on the brakes can turn up the output of the brake pedal to increase what the game sees early on in the stroke dramatically decreasing braking distances. This advantage allows the timid driver to take full advantage of the hydraulic landscape.


Who can use Visor?

All Sim Coaches customers have access to Visor and it's future features. We continue to push updates out to make the software better and give the user more functionality. We will soon be pushing out overlays and other driver development features that will help you become faster.

Visor is not open to anyone outside the Sim Coaches landscape at this time. If you want to use Visor, you'll have to purchase our pedals or handbrake.


Where can I download Visor?

Visor is easily downloadable from our private Discord server. You can join the server here:

Discord Server

After joining the server, scroll down until you see the "Software" tab and you can download it from there. If you have our pedals from before October 1st, 2021 you'll need to flash your electronics. You can find the instructions how to do that in the same thread. 


I need help, where can I get support?

Support is all done through our private Discord community. Join our Discord through the link above and post in our "Support" tab. This will be your fastest route to getting help from someone on our team. If you don't have Discord, you can also get help through our email. It may take longer for a response. 

Email us here: support@simcoaches.com


Visor pedal software, Available for download now!