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How Lifetime Warranty Covers You As a Driver...

Have you ever wanted to buy a nice piece of equipment for your simulator but you were worried after just a few years it might just stop working than you'll have to invest again? We understand your pain. Just a few years ago, that was the same situation I found myself in and from that moment forward I promised Sim Coaches would offer the best warranty available to drivers on the market.


Gone are the days where your simulator breaks and it takes days for the company to respond to you then charge you for your equipment to be fixed. We make sure all the products we make utilizes the highest grade hardware. On top of that, we are in partnerships with only the best companies in their class like Wilwood.


All the hydraulic parts on our products are supplied by Wilwood brakes. Wilwood supplies parts for the fastest racing teams in the world and is used by the biggest names on the market. They have put in years of research behind their design and had perfected it making them superior in their class today. You can have peace of mind knowing the most important pieces on your pedals are the highest grade that is available.


All sensors on the pedals are supplied by a local electronics shop here in Las Vegas. They test each sensor and make sure it reaches the standards set for longevity. Not all sensors are created equal and without this step its possible to find a sensor that doesn't perform or output a smooth reading...


We continue to put systems in place that helps ensure every product that leaves our shop is tested and will perform for years to come. We know this is possible by making sure we start by creating a product that will last for years and then it's not a problem at all.


For this reason, we know our products are made to last and are going to stand the test of time. As time goes on, we have continued to refine our products and services. We continue to learn more about what it is you want as a driver and our goal is to serve you at the highest level. 


When you purchase Sim Coaches products you'll not only receive a very high quality product with a lot of time, research, and constant development but you'll also receive the support of a team that stands behind what they build. We want you to love the products that you buy and we also want you to use them. Anything else that might happen, we'll take care of and we're the <b>only</b> manufacture that offers that. (because we're the only manufacture that can...)

*We don't guarantee the rest of your products will be able to last as long. But at least you'll have your pedals covered.