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Types of Sim Racing Pedals

Discover the world of sim racing pedals. Explore different types, their pros and cons, and find the perfect set for your budget. Visit for more

Jun 14, 2023 Support Team
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Why Sim Coaches' Turnkey Racing Simulators Are the Best Choice for Your Sim Racing Needs

Introduction Sim Coaches is a leading provider of top-quality sim racing products, including turnkey racing simulators and a variety of sim racing pedals. As sim racing continues to grow in...

Jun 1, 2023 Lawrence Thomas
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5 Reasons To Buy Sim Coaches Sim Racing Pedals

SimRacers are looking for ways they can be faster then their competition. But did you realize that simply changing your pedals could have the biggest impact on your driving? Learn...

Aug 31, 2022 Lawrence Thomas
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Are Hydraulic Sim Pedals an Advantage on the Simulator?

There is no doubt that sim racing has taken the world by storm in recent years. With ever-improving technology comes more realistic simulators, and with them, ever-more competitive players. Among...

Mar 15, 2022 Lawrence Thomas
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Why Hydraulic Pedals Work

Hydraulic pedals are largely regarded as the best upgrade a driver could do to their setup to get faster. Learn more about why a good set of hydraulic pedals will...

Mar 1, 2022 Lawrence Thomas
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