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Lifetime Warranty

"Drive It Like You Stole It" Lifetime Warranty

Why We Offer A Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranties are weird to come by in the Sim Racing world. It's common to see 1 or 2 years, but never a lifetime. So when we decided we wanted to offer something that was completely different to the market, we knew the guarantee was going to have to be next level as well...

We don't intend our Lifetime Warranty to be something you have to use much at all. Actually we intend the complete opposite. Our goal is to keep you from having to use it at all if we can help it. The reason we offer it is to motivate us to build the most bullet-proof products we possibly can. And it's our guarantee to you that you have our word. If we built mediocre products that constantly broke it would lead us to turmoil. So we have all the motivation to build you high-quality, bulletproof products that last until you're done with them, and beyond!

Our products are 100% Designed, Machined, Assembled and Warrantied in the USA

How To Get Warranty Work Done

Okay, so something isn't quite right... Maybe the sensor is off or they just don't feel like they did when you first purchased them. No worries, if you need to get ahold of us for warranty stuff, you can start by emailing our support team with photos/videos and an explanation of what is going on. We will do our best to diagnose them first without you having to send them in. If we decide it's something we need to do in house, we'll explain to you our process then. Always start with emailing us first.

Support Email: Support@simcoaches.com

Fees You're Responsible For

When warranty work is needed to be completed, our goal is to get it done as fast as we possibly could.

We cover all costs of getting your pedal back to working condition including the labor costs. You just need to cover the shipping costs to us, from you. As well as the cost from us, back to you. 

When Lifetime Warranties Are Voided

It's important you review the ways you can find your Lifetime Warranty voided to make sure you fully protect yourself.

One way we maintain our high quality is making sure we hold ourselves accountable when something happens. We only warranty work that is done in house by our team. If you take it upon yourself to fix something without our knowledge, your warranty will be voided. This includes but is not limited to: Opening up electronics, Taking equipment apart, intentionally breaking equipment, foul-play, unintended use etc...

Our lifetime warranty is not meant as a way for you to get the latest upgrades. If we continually see warranties around upgrade times, we'll void your warranty moving forward.

Our lifetime warranties are not meant as a tool to get new free equipment. If we find any user using our lifetime warranties to profit, they will no longer have the luxury of having our warranty.

Can Lifetime Warranties Be Transferred?

Yes, our Lifetime Warranty is transferrable if you contact us to file a transferred warranty certificate. This changes the record in our system for who is covered for the pedals if they need to be replaced. 

Warranties must be transferred within 30 days of purchasing equipment or all warranties are voided.

The fee associated with transferring the warranty is $50. To begin the transfer, send us an email to 'support@simcoaches.com' with the headline "Warranty Transfer". 

Please have this information available - 

Who you purchased from:

What equipment you have:

Date of purchase: