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About Sim Coaches

I started Sim Coaches at the end of 2019 because I was tired of my driver coaching career that I was in for the previous 9 years. 

When I was 6 my parents threw me into go-karts. I continued to race for years locally and we'd travel to nearby tracks to compete in the WKA and IKF series. That is until my dad passed away when I was just 14. When I lost him, there wasn't anyone that would be able to continue on with my racing career. 

When i was growing up i raced in go-karts. This is me on pole position for one of our upcoming races.

Luckily for me, that's not the end of my racing story. 

When it came time for me to get a job I noticed my very first driver coach, Matt Jaskol, was the chief driving instructor at an exotic car business named Dream Racing. Thankfully Matt decided to hire me as a "simulator instructor". 

The job was simple. Teach drivers the race track they were about to race on in real life on the simulator before they did it. Whether it helped teach them or not in such a short time is debatable but many people loved having it part of the experience. 

As time went on I started to seek employment for different driver coaching opportunities. I went on to work for Corvette at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, Cadillac V-Performance Driving Academy, BMW Performance Center in Thermal, Bridgestone Winter Driving School, The BMW Ultimate Driver Experience, BMW Track Days, and even the Lexus Performance Driving School.

Image of me when i worked at the ron fellows performance driving school for corvette.


Early 2019 I really started to feel the end of my coaching career was coming to an end. Traveling around to different race tracks and seeing a lot of different cities sounds extremely fun... Until you're living out of hotels every day. 

When i worked with the BMW Ultimate Driver Experience training drivers in the M cars.

By the time the end of 2019 came around I already knew it was going to be my last year. When the season came to an end around November I decided I wouldn't accept any other coaching jobs but instead open a company that would coach drivers on the simulator just like I did in real life. December 2019, Sim Coaches was born.

Sim Coaches originally started as a coaching company that I taught drivers how to be faster on the simulator just like I did in real life. But the problem with the simulators back then was nothing felt like  it was supposed to. The pedals were plastic, felt cheap and just didn't give the racing experience we wanted and knew growing up racing. It took away from sim racing completely. 

By March of 2020 we decided we needed to start building our own equipment if we wanted to really enjoy sim racing fully. From there, the rest is history. Now we create multiple different sim racing products like our sim racing pedals, usb handbrakes, billet monitor mounts, and even turn key racing simulators. 

Today 90% of our customers are United States based drivers that are tired of their simulators feeling like toys and wanted more.

Our Turn key racing simulator at a customers house.

We provide our drivers with the best equipment possible and are the only manufacture to offer a lifetime warranty on our hardware as well. 

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you improve your racing through real-feeling sim racing equipment, send us an email to support@simcoaches.com and we'll explain how we can help!