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Simucube 2 Harness

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Do you have a Simucube base and want to plug our pedals into it? This harness makes Sim Coaches Pro Pedals compatible with the Simucube bases.

The value in this is being able to have more devices on 1 USB cable freeing up a space in your computer.

This will also allow you to use Simucube's software to tune the output curve of the pedals and more. 

We make these harnesses by hand in house so you can be sure they're of the highest quality. We test each one before we ship them out to ensure they work before it reaches you.

There are 4 plugs on the end to give you a port for Throttle, Clutch, Brake and Handbrake if you have one. It is important to plug the pedals into the correct lead or it is possible it will not work.

This harness is 6FT in length giving you a lot of lead to tuck it on your rig however you like. 

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1x Simucube Harness

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