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  • Brake Springs Kit
  • Brake Springs Kit
  • Brake Springs Kit

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Brake Springs Kit

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This brake spring kit includes a set of soft and a set of hard springs for hydraulic pedals. These springs are meant to be used on our hydraulic slave cylinders to provide realistic feel and feedback.

Spring Force Ranges:

Soft Springs: 75LBS of Force - 200LBS of Force

Hard Springs: 250LBS of Force - 500+ LBS of Force

These springs are quickly becoming the standard for hydraulic feel as many other manufactures have started following our lead and adding them to their pedals. 

They provide a progressive pedal feel. As the pedal travels more, the pedal stiffens up slightly just as it does in your car. This provides the most realistic feeling possible. 

In the box:

1x Soft Brake Springs

1x Hard Brake Springs