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P1 Pro Hydraulic Sim Racing Handbrake

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USB Handbrake with RealFeel Technology

For sim racers that like feeling like they're in car when they're racing. This handbrake is designed after a true in-car handbrake. Requires the same pressure to pull as one you'd find in a race car. Used by many rally and drift drivers that need 1:1 practice. Can be used with all online racing games. Plugs in to your computer via USB. 

  • Ships with Soft and Hard Brake Springs.
  • Plugs into your computer Via USB.
  • Fully Hydraulic USB Handbrake just like true race cars.
  • 500PSI Pressure Sensor.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • "Drive It Like You Stole It" Lifetime Warranty Included
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best sim racing handbrake

USB Handbrake

Real Hydraulic Design

True 1:1 in-car handbrake feel. The only handbrake on the market with RealFeel technology. Whether you're into drifting or rally racing, this USB E-Brake is great for you.

Adjustable Handle

Mount this handbrake vertically or horizontally with it's unique handle design.

EMI Protected

Don't worry about EMI issues with these pedals. The electronics are housed inside the throttle pedal keeping EMI issues away.

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USB Handbrake Specs

What's Included?

Everything you need is included. You'll get the P1 Pro Hydraulic USB Handbrake, all mounting hardware, Hard and Soft springs, all wires you need and VIP Access in our Discord server!


This sim e-brake is compatible with all racing computer games. it plugs into PC via USB.

RealFeel Technology

Our usb handbrake is the only sim racing handbrake on the market that has RealFeel technology. Feel like you're pulling on a real cars handbrake!

best sim racing handbrake

Sim E-Brake

only USB Handbrake with realfeel technology

Bring Your Race Car In Your Home

Our USB E Brake is the only handbrake on the market that has RealFeel Technology. Making it the best sim racing handbrake you can buy. For drivers that want to feel like they're really pulling on a handbrake.


USB Handbrake FAQs

Do you have questions about our USB Handbrake? Check our FAQs out to see if they're answered. If not, contact us below and we'll be able to help you!

Although it's hard to say if it'll make you go faster, it'll definitely make you more engaged. You'll feel more immersed having a handbrake that feels like the real thing.

Our USB Handbrake ships with a full lifetime warranty. That means you'll never have to worry about buying another handbrake for your simulator!

We manufacture our usb handbrake in our facility in Las Vegas.

This USB Handbrake is completely plug and play! Just plug it in via usb and you'll be good to go!

It takes about 2-3 days to build your handbrake depending on how long the queue is at the time when you order. Then 1-5 days for shipping.