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  • Sim Racing Gaming PC - Gold

Sim Racing Gaming PC - Gold

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  • Highest Quality Components - Buy with confidence knowing this PC is built with the best of the best components available on the market today
  • Lifetime Warranty - Purchase a high quality PC knowing you're fully covered if something happens for the life of the PC. 
  • Hand Built - Pieced together by the boys right here in the shop, not some machine or sweat-shop overseas.
  • Purpose Built - Don't stress about this PC fitting your needs. It's purpose built to run flawlessly for PC gaming.


Looking for a monster gaming PC build that will complete any task you throw at it? We researched all the compatible pieces available on the market to piece together a machine that would be able to play any game on the market but also be able to stand the test of time and not be outdated tomorrow. This PC is everything mentioned prior. It's the best performance pieces available without breaking the bank. It has the mightiest Z490 Gaming Chipset motherboard with a Intel i7 CPU sitting on top of it. Matching those together allow the CPU to operate at its maximum performance. We decided to pair it up with the best GPU your money can get for the performance with NVidia's latest masterpiece, the RTX 3070ti. Don't worry, we wouldn't want you to max out it's memory so we packed it with 1TB of storage and 32gb of RAM. That allows you to play any game you want with as many windows you want open in the background without losing performance. When you put all these pieces together they get quite hot so we liquid cooled it with the biggest 280mm aluminum radiator possible and huge RGB fans capable of lowering your PCs temperatures and increase performance 65%!


This PC is our best bang for buck. It's built to play any games you want and will last for years to come. 

How it's built -


Motherboard - Z490 Gaming Chipset 

CPU - Intel i7-10700K 5.1GHz

GPU - NVidia RTX 3070ti

Power Supply - Corsair 850W 80+ Gold Certified Modular Supply

RAM - Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 32GB

Memory - Western Digital 1TB M.2 NVME

Cooler - Liquid Cooled 280mm RGB Cooler

Case - Corsair 4000x RGB ATC Case 



We take shipping very seriously on our PC's. These come pre-built ready for you to use. We pack the GPU with a foam pack to ensure it doesn't get damaged during shipping. Have confidence purchasing a PC from us knowing it's going to get to you safely. 


Our PCs ship with a lifetime warranty. If something fails on your PC, reach out to us and we'll get it fixed for you with a replacement. We build all our PCs with the highest quality components so we don't anticipate you'll run into any issues at all. But in the small chance something does happen, you're in good hands.