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For years now SimRacers had to deal with the struggle of finding a proper formula sim racing wheel that doesn't end up flashing or turning on and off on them. The excuse has always been that USB throughput from your PC has been the weakest link. That's no longer the case..


For the last year the team at Sim Coaches has been hard at work designing our very first Formula Sim Racing wheel. We've had the goal in mind to create the best performing sim racing wheel available on the market. And we wouldn't stop until we found that. Through our journey we found some really interesting things that other manufactures must not have picked up on. We discovered some of the mistakes that were over-looked that cause wheels to flash and not properly work. 


If you want to be part of the first group of Sim Racers to learn about the launch of our special edition steering wheel. Then text "WHEEL" to (702) 246-2295.

This wheel is aimed to be about 300mm in diameter. It'll have 8 push buttons on the face with 4 encoders being able to be added as push buttons as well. 3 Encoders on the bottom and 1 funky switch. It also features 2 thumb wheels right above the top thumb pockets on either side of the wheel. 


It has a big 4.3" display and a range of LEDs to light up and let you know all the information you need. But with all the beautiful features of the wheel, none of that is actually what makes it shine. It all has to do with the electronics housed inside the black anodized billet housing. 


You'll need to attend our special release end of November. Get on our special list by texting above to learn more.


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