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Sim Racing Pedals (Inverted)


Sim Racing Pedals - Inverted

These inverted hydraulic sim racing pedals mimic real race car pedals found in race cars. When you need your practice on the simulator to translate to the real-world, hydraulic sim racing pedals are your only choice. 

Our hydraulic sim racing pedals are easily tunable to match 1:1 pressure found in car making them the top choice for professional racing drivers. When you need for your simulator to feel like the real thing, our hydraulic pedal sets are your best choice. 

We ship these fully bled, ready to race. No maintenance is required and they have our leak-proof hydraulic cylinder on the side capable of over 2000PSI. 

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How Many Pedals? P1-2 PRO Inverted Pedals
Want Simucube 2 Integration? No Simucube Cable
Want Baller Inverted Mounting Box? No Inverted Box
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Ultra-Realistic Sim Racing Pedals

P1 PRO Inverted Sim Racing Pedals

Inverted Pedal Design

Hanging pedals allows for you to have more leverage on the pedal arm. This gives you a more precise feeling. If you have foot troubles (feet hurt you), inverted pedals are recommended.

1600 PSI Brake Sensor

Calibrate your brake pedal for us to 1600PSI to give you the ability to replicate any in car brake pedal.

EMI Protected

Don't worry about EMI issues with these pedals. The electronics are housed inside the throttle pedal keeping EMI issues away.

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Pedal Specs

What's Included?

Everything you need is included. You'lll get the pedals, grip tape for each pedal face, all mounting hardware, all wires you need and VIP Access in our Discord server!

Be sure to get the inverted pedal box if you don't have a way to mount them!


These pedals will bolt onto all racing cockpits. They must get mounted. PC Compatible only. Works with all PC racing games. You will need an inverted pedal mount.

Visor Software Included

Get access to our proprietary software, Visor. Where you can build pedal profiles and manipulate their output for maximum control!

Have More Confidence when racing online

Upgrade To Hydrualic

only pedals with realfeel technology

Bring Your Race Car In Your Home

Our hydraulic pedals are the preferred pedal amongst racing drivers because of how realistic it feels. When you need 1:1 practice, our P1 PRO Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals are designed for exactly that. Bring your online racing to the next level with sim racing pedals that have RealFeel technology.


Sim Racing Pedal FAQs

If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please dont hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff at and we'll be able to help get your questions answered.

Although it's hard to make a blanket answer, almost every single driver that swaps to our pedals immediately goes faster because they are able to have more confidence on the brakes.

Our hydraulic sim racing pedals are covered under our "Drive It Like You Stole It" Lifetime Warranty. That means if anything happens to them, we'll get them fixed.

We manufacture these pedals locally in the United States. They're designed, assembled, and shipped from our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These pedals are protected under our Leak-Proof guarantee. We manufacture our own hydraulic cylinder specifically for sim racing to ensure leaks don't happen.

All of our pedals are built in house. It takes about 2 days for us to build the pedals and 1 day for the hydraulics to sit on the bleed machine to ensure there are no leaks. We ship using UPS and depending on where you're located, shipping will take 1-5 business days.