How Realistic Pedals Give You An Unfair Advantage...

Are you a avid sim racer that is looking to get the upper hand over their competition? By the end of this post, you'll understand why choosing the correct pedals will have a huge impact on your sim racing career. 


Whether you jump on the sim from time to time or you're on it every night. Every racer is always looking for ways that they can get the upper hand on everyone else on the field. But did you know that changing your pedals might give you the biggest advantage over anything else? 


You see, we drive cars every single day. We build up our muscle memory to understand the feeling of how a real cars pedals work. Then, when we get home, we jump in a sim that has pedals that feel like a video game. But why...?


The truth is, most drivers have no idea they're actually doing themselves no good by using pedals that feel nothing like the real thing. It's like completely re-learning how to drive again after you've trained yourself for years.


That's why it's important to leverage the skills you already have if you want to get an unfair advantage over everyone else. You have to leverage your muscle memory. But accessing that memory is almost impossible with pedals that feel nothing like the real thing.


When we designed the P1 pedals we understood that if we could leverage the feeling drivers get at the track in real life and bring it to their simulator they'd be able to instantly access their muscle memory and turn consistent laps time and time again. This is done by replicating the feel you receive from a real car. You'll feel our pedals don't feel fake. They don't feel like another 'off-the-shelf' pedal set that was created to be used on Need For Speed


We knew that wasn't sufficient enough for the drivers that are looking for the best. You'll feel the resistance as you push the brake allowing you to modulate it perfectly time after time again. You'll be able to slowly trail off the brake coming into a corner balancing the car ever so slightly riding the limit of grip. You'll have the control to slowly depress the accelerator keeping the wheels from spinning putting all the power to the ground.


All of this combined gives you a set of pedals that are far better than anything else on the market. We designed these for the true racer in mind. The one that understands if you want to be at the front of the pack, you have to be able to drive like you belong there. 


Say no to pedals that feel like a video game. They might be cheaper but in the long run, you'll thank yourself when you're at the top of the championship because being consistent is easy.



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