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Bring The Race Track Home

Ignite your racing passion with our Pro Racing Simulator. Experience unmatched realism in every turn and speed burst. Feel the adrenaline of racing, with every shift and drift crafted in stunning detail. This isn't just a simulator; it's the essence of the racetrack, redefined for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate thrill.

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White Glove Installation & Training Included

Our exclusive White Glove Installation and Training ensures a seamless setup and mastery of your racing simulator. We personally fly to your location, expertly install the unit in your home, and provide comprehensive training, empowering you to utilize the simulator to its fullest potential. Experience hassle-free installation and personalized guidance, making every race an unparalleled adventure.


Powered By Origin PC

Most Advanced Sim Racing PC's Available

Origin PC excels in racing simulators, featuring Intel Core i7 14700k and 4070ti Super Graphics. With 64GB Corsair RAM and 2TB storage, each build ensures peak performance and reliability. Specializing in top-quality components, Origin PC creates unmatched gaming experiences, offering racers immersive simulations with exceptional visuals and smooth gameplay, making every race a testament to technological excellence.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Do you offer installation ?

Yes, we provide installation included with all our racing simulators. We arrive to your home install and train you on the unit.

What's the delivery wait?

Right now we have a 4-6 week build lead. If you're interested in a unit, call us immediately so we can get you in our queue.

What games are included ?

Our racing simulators ship with a 2-Year iRacing Account and Assetto Corsa. Although you can play any racing game on them.

Can I play online with friends ?

Yes, you can play with people all around the world online, by yourself or with AI drivers!

Can we customize my build?

Yes, we have many customization options available to make the simulator exactly how you want it.

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