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  • Pro Turn-Key Simulator

Pro Turn-Key Simulator

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Fully assembled racing simulator that shows up to your home complete ready to play!

  • Customizable Options - Package it with different wheels/shifters and handbrakes to make the cockpit exactly how you imagine!
  • Lifetime Warranty Included - Have piece of mind on your new toy. Sim Coaches products all ship with our lifetime warranty guarantee!
Screen Option
4 Axis Motion
Add Sequential Shifter

What's Included?

All the parts to our PRO Turn Key Simulator...

Sim Coaches PRO Aluminum Extrusion Chassis

Sim Coaches PRO Chassis With Feet

Our strongest aluminum extrusion racing simulator chassis meant to last your online racing career. Extremely sturdy design makes it perfect for motion simulator builds. Comes with feet to make the height fully adjustable.

Sim Coaches P1 Pro Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals

Sim Coaches P1 Pro Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals

Sim racing pedals are the most important upgrade a driver can make to their simulator. Gain tenths over other drivers with the best quality hydraulic sim racing pedals on the market.

Gomez Sim Industries Formula Wheel

Gomez Sim Industries Formula Wheel

Feel like you're sitting in the cockpit of a formula car with this wheel! Because of it's popularity, this wheel is extremely hard to get your hands on!

Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive Wheelbase

Simucube 2 Pro

This direct drive base is packed with 25nm of power to give every detail on the track to your hands. Catch the oversteer slides easier and smoother then you ever have before.

Sparco Sim Racing Seats for Racing Simulators

Sparco Racing Seat

Real race car seat with the best padding to give you ultimate comfort while you're racing. Multiple styles available.

MSI Gaming Monitor

144hz/1440p Gaming Monitors with Billet Monitor Mount

Experience what it's like to game at the highest level of detail. It will actually look like you're in the car driving. Our anti-sag billet monitor mount will WOW all your guests with how much it blings!

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