P1 Pro Clutch Pedal


Ordered our 2 pedal set and you want to turn it into a 3 pedal set? This clutch will complete your set. Only order this If you have purchased a 2 pedal set in the past and are looking to fill your pedal box. 

Sim Coaches clutch pedal is completely adjustable just like all our pedals. You have the ability to lean the arm forward and back to match your desired position. This helps you feel comfortable and natural when you're driving. 

✔️ Fully adjustable hydraulic pedal pressure with a range of 75 - 200LBS  of force to replicate your favorite racing car with the turn of a knob.

✔️ Adjust the pedal angle to relieve your ankle of stress or pain during those long races.

✔️ High quality Wilwood master and slave cylinders give you a realistic and consistent feel with every single push.

✔️ Build your muscle memory and become much more consistent after being able to feel like real life.

✔️ FREE hydraulic bleed before they leave our shop making them completely plug and play!

Features and Benefits:

  • Utilize Wilwood hydraulics for a consistent feeling every time.
  • Bias knob to change pedal force on hydraulic pedals.
  • High quality CNC machining for ultimate reliability and performance.

Important Product and Safety Info:

  • Hydraulic pedals require brake fluid inside of them to operate. Brake fluid can be dangerous if consumed.
  • There is no maintenance required on these pedals. Once they are bled, they are fully sealed and will maintain their feel.
  • These pedals are meant to be used on a simulator for computer games. Not for use in real-life in real cars.
  • Only available via PC for now.



  • Product Height: 10.5"
  • Product Width: 4.5"
  • Product Length: 11.875"
  • Product Weight: 7LBS
  • Sensor Max: 500PSI
  • Minimum Pressure: 35LBS of Force
  • Maximum Pressure: 200LBS of Force

What's In the Box:

  • 1x P1 Clutch Pedal
  • 1x Clutch Harness
  • 1x Pedal Mounting Kit
  • 1x Hard Clutch Spring
  • 1x Soft Clutch Spring
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We keep all our products in stock unless otherwise noted on the site. After you place your order, we'll have it to the shipping center within 1-3 business days. (Unless purchased expedited shipping) All our packages are insured incase there is any problems during shipping. If you do have shipping problems, just send us an email to support@simcoaches.com and we'll get everything solved.

Typical shipping time is 5-7 business days in the United States and 10-15 on International orders. If you want faster shipping we have it available.


Our return policy is simple. If within the first 30 day's of you playing with your products you're not satisfied, just send us an email to support@simcoaches.com and we'll process your refund no questions asked. You aren't locked in. Play with them, feel them, see how you like them and if they don't meet your expectations let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a simple question that you need answered? See if it's answered below...
No, these pedals only work on PC as of right now.
With the Lifetime Warranty you are covered under all major repairs. If you experience any kind of problem, send us an email and we'll get you taken care of. (We do not cover obvious intentional damage...)
We use high quality Wilwood Master Cylinders as well as Slave Cylinders. Wilwood makes products for the most expensive super cars in the world and perform at the highest level. They're made to last.
Don't worry! We use DOT 5 which is a silicone based fluid. It's non-corrosive and similar to dropping vegetable fluid. It won't damage your floors or your simulator. Although you shouldn't experience any leaks. Please email support@simcoaches.com to get ahold of us if you are experiencing problems.
The short answer is no. The hydraulic system is sealed very well and it doesn't experience any heat that can speed up the wear. As long as the system isn't messed with, you will find the pedals will go a long time before they require any kind of maintenance at all, if any!

Most Asked Technical Questions

Our most technical questions we receive are listed below. If your questions isn't answered, get ahold of us under the 'Contact Us' page
All pedals and handbrake plug into the throttle pedal that houses the electronics. Then, a USB cable connects to your PC.
Some simulators/games require different calibration processes for them to read the pedals. Please refer to the "How To" section on our site to learn how to calibrate the pedals to your specific sim.
Our hydraulic products come with a bias knob along with "Soft" and "Hard" springs. With the bias knob, you are able to tune your brake between 75 - 500+ lbs of force, Clutch between 50-200lbs of force, and handbrake 50-300lbs of force. This allows you to mimic whatever application you're trying to go for.
Our brake pedal has been tested for over 500LBS of Force. The only reason we couldn't test more is because we were maxed.
Although we cannot guarantee you'll be faster but you'll become more consistent and make much less mistakes. You'll be more comfortable driving the car to the peak of it's limit.

Listen to the review...

Sim racing's finest, Barry Rowland, dove deep into the Sim Coaches P1 Pro pedals and lets you know exactly what he thinks. Cilck the video to learn more...

FREE Hydraulic Bleed

Now, you don't have to worry about bleeding your hydraulics when you receive them! We'll bleed them here in our warehouse before we ship so all you have to do is plug them in!
  • We use DOT 5 brake fluid because it is non-corrosive and will not damage anything if there is an accidental leak.
  • (It's similar to vegetable oil splling).
  • This is service is valued at $67 and we're adding it on completely FREE!.
  • *Only Available for USA Orders...
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