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  • Formula 1 Steering Wheel Keychain
  • Formula 1 Steering Wheel Keychain
  • Formula 1 Steering Wheel Keychain

Sim Coaches

Formula 1 Steering Wheel Keychain

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Modeled after a Formula 1 car's steering wheel, this key chain is sure to look cool hanging off your key ring. We started with a design, used a plasma laser to cut them out of a sheet of aluminum, sent them off to be anodized, etched the design in the front, and put a key ring on it.


These key rings are a really cool piece to give out this holiday season. We only ordered 175 of these so when we're out, this deal will no long be available. (This is not fake scarcity. We really only did 175 this style)

What's Included

- Formula Wheel Keychain ($24.95 Value)

- Sim Coaches Sticker ($5.95 Value)

- Sim Coaches Scratch-N-Win Card (Priceless)

Shipping Information

These keychains ship to you for FREE. We use USPS First Class mail services to ship these.


This service does not come with tracking services. You can expect for your package to arrive in 7-10 business days. 


If you don't see it arrive, please reach out to us and we'll be able to get it sorted out!