P1 Pro Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals

How Many Pedals?: 2 Pedal Set
Simucube 2 Integration Cable?: No
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Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals For Serious Racers

The pedals on your simulator are easily the most important upgrade you'll make when you're upgrading your simulator. Choosing the correct sim racing pedals can help you gain tenths of a second per corner. 

Sim Coaches P1 Pro Hydraulic Pedals are the pinnacle of hydraulic pedals. With our proprietary hydraulics and spring combo, they're the most realistic feeling pedals available on the market. 

These pedals are designed for drivers needing to extract every tenth from the car. Brake deeper into the corners than your competition and find time every corner. Guaranteed to make you faster, Sim Coaches P1 Pro Sim Racing Pedals are the most realistic pedals on the market. 

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If you want to take your online racing to the next level these are the only pedals proven to make you faster simply by swapping to them. Checkout our hundreds of reviews from drivers that have had success swapping to our pedals.

Upgrade your sim racing pedals to hydraulic sim racing pedals from Sim Coaches today!

Ultra-Realistic Pedal Feel

Built using real race car parts, our pedals are the most realistic available on the market. If you're looking to make your simulator feel like the real thing that's where we come in.

Leak-Proof Hydraulics

We make our hydraulics in house. The only hydrualic cylinders with Sim Coaches Leak-Proof Technology. Can hold over 1800PSI of pressure and deliver realistic feedback over and over again.

DIY Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals Slave Cylinder
best sim racing pedals - hydraulic sim pedals

Everything You Need Included

No surprises when the pedals arrive. We include everything you'll need to get them running. Step up your online racing game with the only real racing pedals available for your simulator.

NASCAR Pedals For Roush-Fenway-Kesolowski

RFK NASCAR needed pedals for their simulator that felt just like their race cars. They trusted Sim Coaches to build them the only NASCAR pedals ever.

Learn More About Inverted Vs Standard Pedals

This video explains the differences between inverted and standard sim racing pedals.


In almost all cases your pedals ship out in 1-3 business days. If you want the most current estimate contact us.

Yes, we ship our pedals worldwide. If you have any troubles with shipping or want the most accurate estimate contact us.

We use UPS when we're shipping our pedal sets. If you prefer a different shipping method get in contact with us and let us know.

Questions About Pedals

Yes. If you're not satisfied with your pedals you can return them up to 14 days after you purchase. Just contact us and we'll help get them returned.

We don't offer customizations at this time.

Our pedals ship with a true lifetime warranty. We intend for these to be the last pedals you'll purchase and protect them with the best warranty on the market.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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